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About Tricky Translations

Still looking for the right one?

The right translation agency, that is? Welcome to Tricky Translations!

Tricky Translations was founded in 2005 by Nathalie Chantal de Ahna. For the love of language – and because she loves to see satisfied faces. 

As certified business translator with many years of professional experience in project management, this mother of two not only possesses a wide range of industry knowledge but also a cool head, which is a god-sent when deadlines are piling up around you.

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I greatly appreciate tricky translations/Nathalie de Ahna. For many years, this is where we have been sending the texts that we publish in English. Even when we have needed something done yesterday rather than today, it has always worked out with excellent results. At a reasonable price. I can recommend Tricky Translations with confidence.

Georges T. Roos / ROOS Büro für kulturelle Innovation | Switzerland



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I really like to work with tricky translations because Nathalie / tricky translations is very reliable, responsive and we have an outstanding relationship. The service is quick and the results are always perfect! When I need a translation, I would always work with Tricky Translations.

Stefanie Nohlen | Head of Fieldwork | Clear Ideas UK office

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Our cooperation with tricky translations has been – and still is – extremely positive! We are very satisfied with the speed, friendliness, reliability and high quality of the translations.

Esther van Beusekom | Printable B.V | The Netherlands


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I would recommend tricky translations anytime. The highest flexibility even with last-minute requests, attention to special wishes, excellent price/performance ratio, and not least the outstanding translation quality have made tricky translations an important partner for our international market research studies. And the collaboration is always very pleasant on a personal level – what more could you want?

Joachim Haag | Managing Director isi GmbH & Co. KG | Germany


Google Translate may be useful on Facebook or if you are watching the Simpsons and just want to know why Ned Flanders shows up at the door to canoodle some sugary-dugary. Translations from Far East companies often somehow smell „fishy“.

The million-dollar question: Should your customers…

a) ROFL? b) Get mad? Or c) Ask for your hand in marriage?

Tricky Translations is looking for a long-term relationship!

Prices? Yes, We Have Them!

But do you really think we would serve you unappetizing meals from a box?

Every customer has their own requirements – and your projects are just as individual as our translations.


Do you need a text for internal communication? Or would you like to really WOW a new client?

Do you need your translation yesterday or do you have time to spare?

All these factors influence our rates.

We do not offer dumping prices.

Quality does not come wholesale and only motivated employees deliver outstanding work for the long run.

However, since we like to keep things as simple as possible, make do without expensive advertising, do our own web design, or write our own funny texts, the big fish don’t really swim far ahead of us with their prices.

Individual quotes are of course free of charge and non-binding. You can find them here, along with a digital smile:

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